Portfolio Management

Lee & Hayes helps clients form IP strategies that protect innovation and creativity and provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With intellectual property (IP) comprising up to 90% of a company’s assets, the ability to identify, protect, and commercialize innovations is essential. At Lee & Hayes, we help companies of all sizes develop IP strategy in the context of their overall business to ensure protection of their assets. We help clients determine which innovations to protect and through which form of protection – patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and strategic review.  We serve as advisors to the knowledge economy, and are our clients’ go-to source for strategic IP counsel – not just providers of legal services, but true business partners.

Intelligent Patent Portfolio Development

A strategic approach to patent preparation and prosecution is a critical building block that transforms innovations into assets. We help clients turn long-term goals into tangible assets through carefully crafted patent applications and the know-how to navigate the U.S. and international patent offices to ensure the broadest possible scope.   

Industry-Focused IP Counsel

Lee & Hayes has significant experience providing strategic advice in a variety of industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Biology, Chemical & Life Sciences
  • Computer, Electrical & Tech/Software
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Fashion/Cosmetics
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial/Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering
  • Material Sciences
  • Medical & Surgical Devices
  • Military
  • Nanotechnology
  • Semi-Conductors
  • Telecommunications
  • Wine, Beer & Spirits

Global Strategies

Remaining competitive in the global marketplace requires IP protection that expands beyond the local geographical market to ensure protection that is global in scope and design, and can be implemented in key target markets. In many global markets, IP is relatively new and still maturing, especially as a business strategy. Getting started properly can make or break a company’s likelihood of success. Developing and maximizing IP in the global marketplace, however, presents special challenges. It requires experience and the building of local relationships, and involves understanding local customs, regulatory processes, the enforcement environment, and country specific legal issues. At Lee & Hayes, we have partnerships with law firms around the world, particularly in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Working with these firms we have developed global IP portfolios with strategic interests for our clients. They rely on our understanding and relationships to protect their innovations in dynamically growing countries.


The attorneys at Lee & Hayes have decades of experience assisting clients in the realm of intellectual property preparation, prosecution, and protection in court. However, the breadth of experience does not stop at intellectual property. Instead, Lee & Hayes is uniquely situated to assist its clients in taking an idea and making it a successful business venture, with attorneys qualified in domestic and international corporate and securities matters. As such, we can guide our clients, nascent and well-established, throughout the development of their dreams.