Lee & Hayes is committed to recruiting and retaining a professional workforce that reflects the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of our client base and the communities where we live and work.  

Lee & Hayes sat down to discuss how we stereotypes surrounding STEM professions as generally being male-dominated fields by highlighting the accomplishments/viewpoints of some leading individuals in our firm.  Select the interactive buttons below to read our discussion!


Serving Clients at Lee & Hayes

We believe our clients are enriched by working with a diverse group of exceptional attorneys and staff, who, through different perspectives and experiences, allow us to undertake more creative thinking and to produce innovative solutions.  A diverse group of professionals enables us to bring a broader perspective to the challenges and opportunities our clients face, leads to higher quality work, and enriches the work atmosphere. 


Lee & Hayes seeks to recruit and retain attorneys who possess varying perspectives, life experiences, and diverse backgrounds.  To attain this goal, the firm undertakes focused and targeted efforts through participation in minority law school association events and through active participation in specialty and minority bar associations.


Lee & Hayes strives to provide attorneys and staff full access to opportunities that will allow them to flourish professionally.  We are committed not only to hiring exceptional candidates, but also to providing them appropriate work assignments, mentoring, training, and networking opportunities that ultimately will allow them to rise to positions of substantial responsibility within the firm and with our clients.

Firm Culture

The firm culture is team-oriented, relaxed, and balanced. Along with being outstanding attorneys, agents, and professional staff, some of us are also mountain climbers, sailors, parents, backpackers, skiers, photographers, golfers, cyclists, runners, volunteers, and active members of our faith communities.  We are a group of diverse individuals working toward a common goal of providing excellent service to our clients.  Lee & Hayes strives to create and maintain an environment and firm culture that allows individuals to enjoy their work and colleagues, while balancing work with their personal lives.

DEI Committee

Lee & Hayes has a standing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, charged with the responsibility of developing and maintaining a diverse workforce.  The DEI Committee is comprised of members with a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds, including the President, attorneys, and professional staff.  These individuals share a strong commitment to increasing the firm’s diversity and use their unique experiences and backgrounds to support and further those objectives.  The DEI Committee meets regularly to formulate and implement firm goals and specific DEI initiatives.

Celebrating Black Inventors

In celebration of National Inventor’s Day and Black History Month, we celebrated inspiring Black inventors who brought to light inventions that positively impacted people across the globe!  Scientists, engineers, doctors, and chemists – these individuals are but a few innovative Black inventors whose contributions continue to inspire.  To learn more, click on the buttons on the interactive image!





Celebrating Women

Please review this interactive interview with some inspiring women associated with Lee & Hayes!