Entertainment & Media

At Lee & Hayes, our media and entertainment lawyers assist production companies, record labels, film and television studios, game and software developers, networks, broadcasters and other content providers, distributors, venues, management companies, talent agencies, and professional sports leagues and associations in a full range of legal services to help them succeed in the marketplace.

The past decade has seen dramatic shifts in how consumers experience and interact with media.  Critical issues continue to threaten the survival and success of content stakeholders, from regulatory changes and piracy, to advances in technology and new delivery platforms and marketing channels.  The legal, economic and social landscapes of the industry are constantly evolving.

Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

Content is king.  And content is intellectual property.  Every player in the entertainment industry lives or dies on the content they either create, own or handle.  Success lies in fostering the creation of these intangible assets with an eye toward carefully protecting, managing and promoting them. Lee & Hayes is internationally known for intellectual property counsel.  Intellectual property has been at the firm’s core for over 20 years, and our attorneys serve as strategic advisors from both a business and technology standpoint.  By serving our clients at the intersection of business, law and technology, Lee & Hayes supports clients to develop strong portfolios and protect their most important assets.  With changes in the intellectual property field dramatically affecting the entertainment and media industry, Lee & Hayes is uniquely positioned to support clients in this area. Our Entertainment & Media Group includes experienced lawyers registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Our Litigation team provides related counsel to enforce your rights and assist you with other challenges that may arise.  We have significant experience working with studios, musicians, authors, professional leagues, athletes and franchises.  Our IP services include: copyright protection and enforcement, development of intellectual property portfolio and strategy, trademark and patent prosecution, rights acquisition, options and clearance, licensing deals, distribution deals, endorsement deals, anti-piracy measures, and talent engagement.

Corporate Advice for Entertainment Organizations

A host of traditional corporate legal issues significantly impact the Entertainment industry.  Lee & Hayes supports clients with business and entity formation, as well as the multitude of agreements that allow the entertainment industry to function.  These services include: entity formation (including loan-out and production companies), M&A and corporate restructuring, financing deals, tax advisement, and employment law advisement.

Legal Counsel in an Evolving Industry

Entertainment and media have a unique culture unlike any other industry.  Lee & Hayes can help clients navigate this industry and provide legal advice that offers fairness to all parties involved.  In the face of ever-changing technology, piracy, and counterfeiting, it is crucial to develop a sound business model that focuses on your most important assets.