With significant industry and military experience, the attorneys at Lee & Hayes are uniquely qualified to represent clients across these innovative and diverse sectors.

Aerospace: The aerospace industry represents an enormous area of development in commerce today. With ever-evolving government regulations and a continual expansion of uses, savvy innovators protect their ideas through intellectual property protection. The team at Lee & Hayes presents the background and experience necessary to navigate the complexities related to aerospace innovations.

Automotive: The automotive and heavy machinery industries are two of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving sectors today with vast supplier ecosystems that are only becoming more complicated as vehicles are built with more electronic components. Being first to file patents, being the first to market and having in place a robust, international intellectual property protection and enforcement are key components to success for innovators in the automotive and heavy machinery industries. Lee & Hayes’ attorneys have extensive first-hand experience in this space, from working as in-house counsel at Fortune 500 automotive companies to restoring cars as a hobby. Our understanding of contracts, agreements, and risk assessment mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be financially advantageous to streamline production.