Trevor Lind


  • University of Texas at Austin School of Law J.D.
  • University of Texas at Austin B.S., Chemical Engineering, with honors


  • Admitted to practice law in the states of California and Texas
  • Registered to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office

Trevor is a partner in the intellectual property practice group at Lee & Hayes. His practice focuses on many aspects of developing and enforcing intellectual property portfolios for clients ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 companies. He is well-versed in the role that intellectual property plays in the different phases of a company’s development. With this in mind, Trevor works with clients to understand their business needs and helps them to develop intellectual property assets that provide value toward their business goals.

In addition to US and international patent preparation and prosecution, Trevor has experience performing patentability searches and analyses as well as experience with non-infringement opinions and freedom-to-operate analyses. As part of his practice, Trevor enjoys mentoring and training attorneys in the development of intellectual property for clients.

Over the past 15 years, Trevor has developed intellectual property experience in the electrical arts, the chemical arts, and the life sciences. In the electrical arts, Trevor has extensive work experience in cases involving telecommunications, computer hardware, software, networked systems, circuit design, ecommerce, augmented reality systems, and wireless devices. With respect to the chemical arts, he has experience in cases directed to thermal management materials, ceramic materials, abrasives, polymers, and semiconductor processing and manufacturing. In the life sciences, Trevor has experience with small molecules, synthetic biology, sequencing technologies, medical imaging, methods of treatment, and medical devices.

Technologies in the life sciences have begun crossing over more frequently into the electrical arts and Trevor’s experience in the life sciences and electrical arts provides valuable understanding and knowledge into the complex intersection of the life sciences and electrical arts with respect to intellectual property law. In particular, Trevor has experience working with DNA computing technologies, machine learning to predict patient outcomes, machine learning to design large molecules and optimize large molecule production, and algorithms to analyze and evaluate clinical trials data.

Prior to working in the field of Intellectual Property, Trevor practiced as a litigation attorney. Additionally, before attending law school, he gained engineering experience in the printed circuit board fabrication division of Texas Instruments and research experience as a lab assistant for the University of Texas Department of Chemical Engineering. Trevor also participates in the US Patent Office’s pro bono program.