Semiconductor technology has been a fundamental driver of the global technology revolution for over 50 years.  From the development of the integrated circuit in 1958 to the smart phones of today, semiconductor technology has fueled the ever increasing density—and the concomitant explosion of functionality—of electronic circuits used in everything from computers to automobiles.  Semiconductor technology is not limited to the electronic arts, but permeates many other technology areas, including chemical, mechanical, and biotechnology. Our semiconductor technology group includes attorneys who have extensive experience in developing, licensing, and protecting intellectual property rights in all aspects of this space.  Our attorneys have protected numerous semiconductor-related patent inventions, including those in involving semiconductor packaging, memory and cache architecture and management, system on a chip (SOC) architecture, wireless networking, and control circuits for LEDS to name just a few.  On the chemical side, our practitioners have experience protecting technologies related to semiconductor processing and fabrication materials.  In particular, we have experience with semiconductor doping chemicals and processes, chemicals and processes used for etching and cleaning in the semiconductor manufacturing process, and semiconductor packaging materials and processes. Besides protecting semiconductor technology rights, we also have extensive experience in protecting those rights both in federal district court and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.  Our attorneys have experience in cases involving integrated circuits and semiconductor processing technologies.  For example, our attorneys have previously represented parties in matters involving wireless transceivers, as well as matters involving tunneling magnetic resistance read heads, which are fabricated using semiconductor processing technologies incorporated into hard disk drives.  In another series of cases, we successfully represented a party in a series of inter partes reviews before the PTAB on a group of patents involving radio frequency (RF) integrated television tuners.  In those cases, the PTAB invalidated all of the patent claims we challenged on behalf of our client.

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