Legal Counsel that Protects you from Runway to Window

In fashion, it’s not enough to be first-to-market with a design or garment – you must also make sure your creations are fully protected from knock-offs and counterfeits, and your business relationships are fully established.  At Lee & Hayes, our fashion lawyers assist owners, designers, fashion houses, wholesalers and retailers in a full range of legal services to help you succeed in the marketplace, while protecting the parties involved.  We have the industry experience to handle all of the special business needs inherent in the fashion industry and at rates not provided by others in major markets.

Corporate Advice Tailored for Fashion Industry Companies and Designers

Our lawyers can help with evaluating your options for business formation and setting up your business as a partnership, LLC, LLP, Corporation or other business entities.  Additionally, they are experienced and ready to assist with different corporate agreements you may encounter in the industry.  We handle licensing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and various contracts involved in factoring, manufacturing, distributing, franchising and operating.  We make sure your relationships – with models, celebrities, sales reps and marketing and media companies – protect your business interests.

Fashion Industry Branding, Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

Beyond our corporate advice, Lee & Hayes is nationally known for intellectual property counsel.  Intellectual Asset Management Magazine and Ocean Tomo Patent Ratings have repeatedly ranked us No. 1 in the U.S. for patent quality.  These rankings reflect our ability to help companies develop their intellectual property strategy in the context of their overall business, ensuring protection of their assets in the process.  We do this by helping you determine which designs to protect and through which form of protection: trademark, trade secret, copyright, and utility and design patents. Our Fashion Group includes experienced lawyers and patent agents registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  We also have skilled attorneys to help you procure your trademark and copyright rights.  Our Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution lawyers provide related counsel to enforce your rights and assist you with other challenges that may arise.  We have significant experience arguing before federal and state trial and appellate courts and administrative tribunals.

Global Strategies

Fashion businesses should consider their worldwide presence and brand recognition, and effectively facilitate the import and export process.  However, developing and maximizing intellectual property in the global marketplace presents special challenges.  It requires experience and the building of local relationships, and involves understanding local customs, regulatory processes, the enforcement environment and country specific legal issues.  We facilitate international licensing agreements and other necessary intellectual property activities through partnerships with law firms around the world, particularly in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Legal Counsel Designed for Your Business

Your garments are custom-made, and your intellectual property strategy should be so as well.  Whether you’re an established, new or growing business in the fashion industry, we help make sure that your elements of design and the resulting merchandise are protected and your contracts and relationships are solidified – to achieve your business goals.  As a bonus you’ll get nationally ranked legal counsel at a competitive cost.

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