The energy industry is continuing to experience unprecedented business and technological challenges at both regional and national scales.  At the same time, utility companies are asked to reduce costs while having to meet increasingly stringent state and national regulations in areas such as environmental compliance.  Lee & Hayes attorneys possess specialized degrees along with industry experience which enable us to understand the unique challenges facing clients today who operate in the energy and utilities industries.


In the energy and utilities industries, advances are rapidly occurring in generation, transportation, and distribution of power.  We pride ourselves on working with clients who are pushing innovation at the cutting-edge of energy and utility technology, such as the creation and advancement of “Smart Grids.” Lee & Hayes attorneys have experience with many technologies including fault protection devices, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) smart meters, mechanical and electrical systems for generating and transporting power, and various network infrastructures.   We strive for client-focused practice where we design and implement Intellectual Property strategies that best fit clients’ individual needs and goals.

Our Experience

Lee & Hayes boasts a team of experienced attorneys and agents registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Attorneys within the firm have held positions as in-house counsel, patent examiners with the USPTO, and several hold advanced scientific and engineering degrees.  Additionally, our corporate and litigation lawyers provide related counsel for our clients’ needs in the general business, regulatory and litigation arenas on a state, national and global scale.  In addition to our renowned patent practice, our intellectual property counsel extends to a variety of other services, including: licensing, joint development agreements, trademark and brand protection, trade secret, and copyright. 

Intellectual Asset Management Magazine  and Ocean Tomo Patent Ratings have repeatedly ranked Lee & Hayes No. 1 in the U.S. for both patent quality overall and specifically in the information technology industry.

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