Lee & Hayes Secret Weapon:  601WEST®

Formerly known as the Solutions Group, 601WEST® was re-branded and launched in the summer of 2015.  An in-house team of four, 601WEST® internally supports all practice groups from the business development phase and beyond.

Extremely unique in the legal industry, 601WEST® arms attorneys and agents with data-driven analysis and consulting to inform their client’s overall business strategy.  Working together, we provide our clients with a customized approach that includes legal, business, and data analytics insight.  From this, our clients better understand the IP landscape, the value of their portfolios, risks, opportunities, and more.

Our Services

601WEST® supports Lee & Hayes attorneys and agents as they have research, data analytics, IP monetization, and valuation needs.  Using state-of-the-art proprietary tools and databases, and extensive business experience, 601WEST® can help you maximize value with clients.

A sampling of our services include:

  • Business Development Support
    • Create pitch decks
    • Develop portfolio strategies
  • Merger and Acquisition / Valuation Support
    • Identify transactional needs and context
    • Perform procedural due diligence of assets
    • Complete intellectual property risk analysis
    • Develop asset valuation matrix/range
    • Quantify risk assessment
    • Identify activities to enhance asset value, mitigate intellectual property risk, and monetize assets
  • Prosecution Support
    • Prior art searches
    • Navio searches, directed prosecution
  • Trademark Clearance
  • Litigation Support
    • Research of judges, witnesses, and opposing counsel
  • Corporate Intellectual Property Strategy Support and Development
    • Business intellectual property linkage:
      • Confirm business strategy and objectives
      • Articulate linkage of intellectual property assets, risks and opportunities to business
      • Communicate in language understandable across firm stakeholders
      • Perform in contexts of anticipated strategic change or stability
    • Landscape analysis
      • Internal intellectual property
        • Business-oriented portfolio organization and visualization
        • Portfolio SWOT analysis
        • Identify relevance of internal assets to external stakeholders
      • External intellectual property
        • Industry benchmarking
        • Overlay on internal intellectual property landscape
        • Portfolio SWOT analyses
        • Identify existing / potential leverage points
      • Other – evaluate business, technological, legal shifts
    • Strategy development
      • Develop strategic objectives, relationship to business strategy, plan and milestones, including
        • Asset portfolio (e.g., what to build, how to build, where to build)
        • Use of assets (e.g., product control, relationship control, defense, monetization)
        • Risk mitigation
      • Strategy evolution
    • Execution / results:
      • Outcomes measurement

Bottom line, leveraging the team’s business and data analytics experience, 601WEST® can enhance the engagement of current and prospective clients.

Professionals in the 601WEST® Group

Lewis Lee

CEO – Patent Attorney – Partner – Spokane

JoAnn Grennell

Executive Assistant/Paralegal – Spokane

Ben Lewis

Patent Analyst – Spokane

Stu Stiles

President – 601WEST® – Spokane

Bill Edmund

Patent Analyst – Seattle

Dan Crouse

Attorney – Partner – Seattle

Jack Bradley

Patent Agent – Seattle

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