The aerospace industry is an extremely diverse sector that includes both manned and unmanned aircraft and spacecraft in a myriad of commercial, industrial, and military applications.  The attorneys at Lee & Hayes are uniquely qualified to represent aerospace clients across this diverse sector.  Besides having numerous bachelors and advanced degrees in the space, our attorneys have significant industry and military experience, which help to enrich our legal representation. 


The unmanned aircraft system is an enormous area of development in commerce today.  Government regulations are continually being updated to allow an increasing number of unmanned vehicles to operate in the national airspace.  New uses and ideas related to unmanned vehicles emerge on a near daily basis.  It is critical for innovators to protect new ideas related to unmanned vehicles in this dynamic environment, and the best way to protect an idea is through intellectual property protection. 

The need to protect ideas is not limited to unmanned aircraft.  New innovations in traditional, manned aircraft systems emerge on a consistent basis, and the attorneys at Lee & Hayes are committed to seeing the ideas of each and every client manifest into reality.

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